Greetings. This is my personal page where you may contact me, sign up for a weekly meditation, and learn more about my ministry.

10013873_791786714218320_3468386769828957476_nI serve as the senior minister for the Unitarian Church of Evanston, a welcoming community of free faith and theological diversity. Our faith tradition is Unitarian Universalist. In addition to this core theology, on any given Sunday you’ll meet friends who find primary inspiration in a traditional faith (including, but not limited to, Christian, Jewish, Religious Humanist, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or Earth-centered) or some combination of the above that guides them on their life journeys. As you can tell, there’s room for a wide variety of belief at our church, including yours. None of us can claim a lock on the whole of religious truth. We believe that the process of spiritual growth and enlightenment is an individual one — facilitated by community and a spirit Love that can work miracles in and through our lives.

Here are few personal things about me, in brief:

  • I’ve lived in California, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Southern Illinois, Oklahoma, Illinois (again),  Texas, and now Illinois (yet again).
  • I play trombone, guitar, and have sung in choirs throughout my life.
  • My first career was in electronic and print publishing: first as a printing press operator, then as a digital technologies writer, then journalist, and finally editor.
  • I have been married to Cindy Lortie for 25 years, and our son, Jevin, is a counselor in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • I’m a chaplain and pilot for the Civil Air Patrol.